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A close-up of a jeweler with glasses and a loupe inspecting a golden ring with a square-cut gemstone, holding it securely with a metal tool.


Demirjian Jewelry Design

Garo Demirjian

Award winning third generation, GIA graduate gemologist, designer, and jeweler.

Our Promise

At Demirjian Jewelry Designs, my personal commitment is to provide you with the highest quality pieces that reflect the pinnacle of craftsmanship and artistic excellence. I take immense pride in offering a personalized experience, ensuring that your unique vision and desires are brought to life through our meticulous design process. My promise is to exceed your expectations and create timeless works of art that bring joy and beauty to those who wear them.


Craftsmanship lies at the very core of Demirjian Jewelry Designs. I believe in upholding the traditions and techniques that have been passed down through generations of fine jewelry artisans. Each piece is crafted with precision and attention to detail, using the finest materials and gemstones. My dedication to exceptional craftsmanship ensures that every project contributes to the legacy of artisan jewelry and delivers a piece you will cherish forever.

Design Process

The design process at Demirjian Jewelry Design is a collaborative journey. I take the time to understand your preferences, inspirations, and aspirations, translating them into breathtaking designs. From concept sketches to the final creation, I pay careful attention to every detail, ensuring that the piece not only meets but surpasses your expectations. The result is an exquisite piece of jewelry that tells your story and captures the essence of your individuality.

Commissioning a Piece

For those seeking a truly one-of-a-kind piece, I offer you the opportunity to commission a personally designed creation. You have the freedom to choose from a variety of design elements and styles, enabling you to shape your vision into a reality. With my guidance and expertise, your commissioned piece is brought to life with the highest quality gems and meticulously crafted in either platinum or gold. The process of commissioning a piece ensure you have a truly unique and meaningful jewelry experience.

Boutique Opening

In 2000, my wife Linda and I opened the doors to the Demirjian Jewelry Design boutique, a space where new faces and cherished clients are welcomed with open arms. Our boutique is more than just a place to showcase our collection—it is a haven where we offer personalized advice, translating your dreams into tangible pieces of art. Whether it's helping you find the perfect piece from our collection or embarking on a bespoke journey, I am dedicated to providing you with an exceptional and unforgettable jewelry experience.

Five Consecutive Spectrum Awards

Garo Demirjian's remarkable talents and expertise have not gone unnoticed by his peers in the jewelry industry. As a Graduate Gemologist from the esteemed Gemological Institute of America, he has earned the respect and admiration of his fellow designers. The culmination of his achievements came in the form of five consecutive American Gem Trade Association, Spectrum Awards, the most prestigious honor for colored gemstone jewelry design in North America, setting the standard for beauty, innovation and trends world-wide. These accolades speak volumes about his innate talent and the years of training he has devoted to mastering the finest traditions of the craft.

Garo Demirjian truly shines as a rare star among jewelry designers, leaving an indelible mark on the industry he holds dear.