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35+ Years Serving Scottsdale & Phoenix | Family-Owned

Custom Jewelry Design

Jeweler working on a unique custom engagement ring, a critical step in custom jewelry craftsmanship.

Custom Jewelry Design Is Our Specialty

For over two decades, it has been our passion to bring your unique vision to life with our custom jewelry creations. Every piece is hand crafted with meticulous attention to detail by a master artisan jeweler--ensuring unmatched quality for a bespoke piece you'll cherish forever.


A customer and jeweler review a custom ring design on a computer during a consultation.

Initial Consultation

Start With An Idea

During our initial consultation, we'll explore your unique vision, preferences, and considerations for crafting a custom piece. Together we'll outline materials, styles, personalization options and finalize a design plan.

A jeweler designing a ring on CAD, a detailed and technical aspect of creating custom jewelry designs.

CAD Design

Translating Your Vision

Utilizing state-of-the-art software, we transform your vision into a 3D model, detailing each aspect so you can assess and refine the design with complete creative freedom.

A 3D printed scale model of custom wedding ring alongside crafting tools on a workbench.


Bring Your Vision to Life

We produce a 3D printed scale model for you to touch and experience, ensuring your expectations are exceeded before fabrication.

A casting tree, showcasing the metal castings for custom jewelry, featuring wedding rings, custom rings, and custom engagement rings.


The Heart Of The Artisan Process

In this phase, your piece is forged using your choice of precious metals, and the most brilliant gemstones are hand-selected to be set. Finishing touches are then applied before a final polishing and thorough quality inspection.

A unique engagement ring, this diamond ring is a custom jewerly design that has a large central stone.


Unveiling Your Custom Piece

This final step marks the realization of your vision. With the assured quality of this one-of-a-kind creation, start to enjoy the beauty and confidence this piece provides and will, for years to come.

A photo of Garo Demirjian, choosing diamonds for a custom design.

The Creative Journey

Start Designing Your Custom Jewelry Piece

Whether you're looking to design a custom engagement ring, stackable band, custom bracelet or wedding ring, we'd love to help you create a one-of-a-kind piece through our custom jewelry design process. Feel free to contact us with any questions - we'll guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have along the way.

A side profile of custom diamond wedding rings, one made from 24K gold and 14K white gold, each set with multiple diamonds, showcasing the luxurious and custom design elements of high-end jewelry.

Excellence in Design

A Lineage of European Craftsmanship

From the initial sketch to the final creation, every step in the jewelry design process reflects a passion for creating timeless works of art that resonate with the wearer's unique story. Demirjian Jewelry Design stands as a testament to a visionary founder's commitment to excellence.

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Two custom engagement rings, one with a 24K gold band and the other with a 14K white gold, placed side by side on a reflective surface.

GIA Certified Gemologist

Highly Awarded Master Jeweler

Recognized for his exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs, Garo Demirjian has earned five consecutive Spectrum Awards from the American Gems Trade Association. These prestigious awards highlight his distinctive style and commitment to pushing the boundaries of the jewelry industry.

Praise From Our Clients

Customer Reviews from Scottsdale & Phoenix Residents | Read More

"Garo really took the time to create a ring that was perfect for me. The ring is absolutely stunning and I get compliments on it all the time."


- Sarah S.

"I've been a customer of Demirjian Jewelry Design for over 20 years and I've always been happy with their service. They're the only jeweler I trust with my jewelry."


- Michael B.

"They're very knowledgeable about jewelry and they're always willing to help me find the perfect piece. I recently had my wedding band resized and they did a great job."


- John D.

"I needed a custom piece of jewelry for a special occasion and they were able to create exactly what I was looking for. They were also very accommodating and understanding of my budget."


- Susan W.

A custom pair of diamond engagement rings, prominently displaying a large central diamond, set against a white fabric backdrop.

Demirjian Jewelry Design


Our family-owned business has been creating custom jewelry in the Scottsdale & Phoenix area for more than 35 years. We look forward to serving you!

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10625 North Tatum Bld. #107 Phoenix, AZ 85028

Award Winning Custom Jewelry

Explore Our Custom Jewelry Designs

A custom-made bracelet by, Garo Demirjian with a pearl in the center. The bracelet is made of silver and the pearl is white.
An elegant ring featuring a central square-cut diamond flanked by smaller stones on a reflective surface against a black background.
A custom-designed white gold ring with a prominent green emerald, showcased against a red background.