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Image of a variety of tools on a work bench used for jewelry repair.

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Fine Jewelry & High End Repairs

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Demirjian Jewelry Design is proud to offer an array of specialized services to assist in the maintenance and enjoyment of your pieces. From simple adjustments to intricate design work, our experience and mastery of craft ensures you receive the highest quality outcome.

A close up of a ring being sized as a service.

Ring Size Adjustments

Ring size adjustments allow for a secure and comfortable fit when a change in finger size occurs or a piece of jewelry comes into the possession of a new owner. This service is available for rings made of gold and platinum.

A watch replacement service at Demirjian Jewelry Design, where the watch battery being replaced with a pair of tweezers.

Watch Battery Replacement

Battery replacement and resealing services ensure optimal performance and water resistance for quartz timepieces, conducted by skilled technicians with expertise in handling various brands and models.

A jewelry holding a ring in their hand under a polishing machine.

Refurbishing & Polishing

Jewelry refurbishment involves expert cleaning, polishing, and repair of worn-out pieces to restore their original brilliance. Our professional jeweler uses specialized processes to make your jewelry piece new again.

A diamond being set into a ring with tweezers.

Stone Setting & Tightening

Our expert jewelers skillfully perform stone tightening and setting, an art form requiring precision and attention to detail. Stones are carefully placed in their settings to create a captivating appearance while attention is paid to tightening loose stones, ensuring long-lasting beauty and safety in the jewelry.

Custom Jewelry Designs

This specialty service explores the unique personal style and preferences of our clients, allowing us to craft custom jewelry that simply can’t be found anywhere else. Whether you need help designing a new custom piece or need a custom jewelry repair, our expert jeweler can assist. Highly skilled artisans work closely with clients to design and craft items like rings, necklaces, earrings, and more.

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Demirjian Jewelry Design custom necklace and diamond ring with official appraisal.

Jewelry Appraisals

Our in-house expert gemologist provides insurance appraisals for recently acquired jewelry, family heirlooms, and valuable pieces. Pieces are meticulously evaluated for gemstone quality, metal composition, craftsmanship, and condition - ensuring an accurate and detailed assessment.

A close-up of a gold chain being soldered with a torch on a table. The chain is being repaired by a jeweler.

Chain Soldering

Skillful soldering is used to repair broken or damaged chains, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces. This technique involves joining metal components back together to maintain the jewelry's strength and integrity.

A ring with diamonds being re-tipped with a blowtorch.

Prong Re-Tipping

Over time, the prongs holding gemstones in place may wear down, potentially leading to the loss of the gem stone. Prong re-tipping rebuilds or reinforces the prongs to secure the stones properly and prevent any risk of loss.

A close-up of a jewelry hand tightening a prong on a ring. The prong is loose and needs to be tightened to secure the stone in the ring.

Award Winning Jewelry Designs

At Demirjian Jewelry Design, we craft award-winning, luxury jewelry that represents uniqueness and elegance.

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A pair of Demirjian designer rings with encrusted diamonds, prominently displaying a large central diamond, set against a white fabric backdrop.

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